2nd Screen Society

The 2nd Screen Society (S3) was formed to meet the needs of the rapidly evolving ecosystem for companion screen viewing of broadcast television and home entertainment.**

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Q1 2014 Update!

Q1 2014 Update (PDF) (Click here for the web version)

Sports and the 2nd Screen: The Winning Combination

In this research document we will be looking at trends and developments in 2nd screen sports apps. We will base our analysis on publications, research, and interviews with key industry executives, conferences and industry knowledge. The report will cover an analysis of sports app functionalities and segmentation of sports app. We will also review providers of sports apps (sports leagues/federations, broadcasters, IT providers, etc.) and we will review the sports app business models. First though, we will clarify the concept of 2nd screen which a very often used word (but not so often defined).

Sports and the 2nd Screen: The Winning Combination (PDF) (web version)

Monetizing the 2nd Screen – the business models that work

Check out the executive summary of the 30-page report.

The purpose of this research paper is to “show you the money”. We review the various monetization strategies used by second screen companion and viewing applications, evaluate how these strategies work and which ones drive the most value. We also provide an evaluation of the second screen market size and review its main drivers. Finally, we review how Twitter, Microsoft, Samsung and other players not directly in the second screen ecosystem are planning to use the second screen to increase their revenue.
Monetizing the 2nd Screen (PDF) (click here for the web version)

Second Screen- Transforming Video Consumption

Check Out the 252-page report on 2nd Screen

Created by The Intersection, a research company owned by Chuck Parker  and TV technology executive Renaud Fuchs, and published by the 2nd Screen Society, the report presents both the global market size and segmentation of the hundreds of consumer facing apps in the market place, the build-up of the market sizing, a deep-dive on the

 technology driving this space, the latest trends and case studies on the leading apps in the market.

The 2nd Screen: Transforming Video Consumption (PDF)  (click here for the web version)

Quarterly Market Updates:

Q4 2013 Summary UpdateQ3 2013 Summary UpdateQ2 2013 Summary UpdateQ1 2013 Summary Update


The 2nd Screen Journal

A 76-page detailed review of the challenges and solutions in the marketplace, with lead-in industry summaries by Chairman Chuck Parker and Executive Director Guy Finley, and packed with over 15 articles written by 2nd Screen Society members.
S3 Journal, January 2013 (PDF)

2nd Screen Society Lexicon

A collection of industry terms and their definitions, agreed upon by S3 members.

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